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Lead and play followed by card games and pinochle players are the one who meld down the cards and before merging them into one another they choose to trick and with different strategies counter the card face down and win the game.

A deck of 48 cards is used to play the game for two players and if players are increased 7 and 8 number cards are included which has no value points. A multiplayer game online where either you can choose your opponent or play with the robot computer and beat him, objective of the game is make more combinations of standard cards and score points according to the combination and win the game.

How to Play?

  • Deck of cards is split and 12 cards to each player is given.
  • Trump suit is being decided and all cards of trump suit is higher as compare to other suits.
  • Each trick is played, initially a random player plays the first trick and then after each win, winner will make the move.
  • Trick to win is to make more hands and make more moves initiated by your win.
  • Scoring after each combination is calculated and will be shared in points.

Pinochle a trick taking game is the best example for lead and play, players have to build up new trick each time to make the lead only by winning each move and make numerous hands(combinations) to score more points. Player can make move of any suits and it is not necessary to play trump each time.

Play here the game of cards online for free and make more tricks to get the hands and make win over win and get highest score in the board. Online availability of games is totally secure and multi-player is also available and without needing any scout to fill up the score board, system will monitor each of the move played and automatically fill and update the score cards.